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A bit of copy-and-paste from Twitter, because I can.

Was chatting with @jangles on Twitter and decided much of my post-by-post on twitter should be a longer-form article. And this ain't it, but this was easier.    Funny, as you'd of course, know, we at # SecondLife have "owned the term" # metaverse for a long while now.  I'm often struck by the similarity between the current "story" and GK Chesterton's "The Everlasting Man," where the character of The Church keeps coming back with "we've been doing that for ages now..."  I am an expert on absolutely nothing, but I'd be happy to come on FIR and rant outrageously on the ongoing missed bet of # SecondLife . I'm sure @ LindenLab wouldn't want me to. Not that they can apparently be bothered. (Heck, you've been on -my- podcast...)  I shall have to skip ahead a bit then, I'm about a year behind on one of my podcatchers, not quite as far on the other, but I follow the FIR podcasts on both. So you and I are pu