Live with Natalie Brown! 06/21/09 Noon Central

I am a very lucky guy.

I get to interview Natalie Brown, on my live show on BlogTalk Radio. The interview is supposed to be this Sunday at Noon Central. And I admit, I'm really nervous about it. This is a Big Deal.

According to Wikipedia, "
Natalie Brown is a Canadian-born, contemporary R&B, pop and Blue-eyed soul singer-songwriter," active in the industry since about 2000. She's got her second album, "Random Thoughts," out now. I'm listening to her music while I type this, and she's amazing.

Watched an interview with Tina Louise, and she said "Natalie Brown is awesome!" Tina Louise! I mean, c'mon!

Now I gotta think up questions and whatnot, like interviewers do.

Remarkable, the things I do these days... ;-)



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