A Disappointing Disaster

Yesterday, of course, I did several posts in "continuing coverage" of the Big Snowstorm we were supposed to be getting.  As it turned out, though, we got maybe 6 inches of snow.  We didn't get anywhere near the wind predicted, in my opinion.  Which made the whole every-two-hours thing pretty silly.

I got to use my digital camera, which was kinda cool.  I posted photos to my blog, which I hardly ever do.  And I even did maybe one post worth of Actual Writing.  So that's okay, I guess.  But it was a disappointment.  Certainly, a disappointment is better than a tragedy in any life.  Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was in town for the same event, and I suppose in a sense he got something of a disappointment too.  It was weather.  It just wasn't news, that's all.

In purely mercenary terms, a tragedy is better blog-fodder than a disappointment.  But given the potential consequences, I'm fine with being disappointed.



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