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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just as I suspected

Just stopped by the "Minnesota Works" website, part of trying to find a new job, as I've mentioned. And guess what.

11,300 Position Openings. 46,881 Active Resumes.

"Well, there's yer problem!"

Granted, my own resume has been active for all of the last six years, while I've been employed. And "Position Openings" are only open a short while, till they're closed. But even so, it kinda boggles the mind, huh? I gotta find something, though, don't I? I gotta try. And I might get some luck. You never know.

I gotta get a haircut and trim the beard, too. It's fine to be an older guy with long hair and a beard if you already have a job. But job hunting, looking like this? Probably a bad idea.

It's my considered opinion that the economy will recover a lot faster than most people think. I predict there'll be significant improvement in the economy by May. Give it a year, and a lot will be on the upswing. I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, I gotta get a new job. Something.

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