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Friday, November 7, 2008

And now, the bad news

What's one of the biggest real problems we face now? The National Debt. We actually are required to stop increasing the National Debt -- They don't make numbers that big.

And you know what really sucks?

What is the only practical way to eliminate a legitimate debt? By paying it.

What's the only practical way for a Government to pay a debt? By collecting the taxes necessary to pay it. And you know what that means.

That has always been the way. The Republicans come in with a whole slew of Grand Plans, Big Expensive Programs, sweeping new overarching Departments, and new Cabinet-level offices to be in charge of them (what they call Smaller Government), spend vast amounts of money, and fund everything by borrowing. Then for the next several decades, the Democrats have to find ways to pay back all that debt.

And when the Democrats have finally paid the debts, and put the economy back on a solid base so that the Government has a surplus and the Stock Market is singing Happy Days are Here Again...

The Republicans get voted back into office. On the basis that Republicans are Good for the Economy.


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