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Saturday, October 18, 2008

"A Handy Guide for Beggars," Part 2 is coming soon

I think I need to get started recording the second part of "A Handy Guide for Beggars."

The first part, of course, is in all the southern states. In the second part, he's wandering through some more northern states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and such. The tone feels entirely different to me -- and I can't use my badly fake southern accent anymore.

I also think I'm going to use a much shorter intro. The current one is just way too long and wordy. "Shut up and tell the dang story, will ya? Jeesh!" I feel your pain.

Lot of recording to do. But I really loved just lying here this morning in dead silence. My world is way too noisy these days. Quiet is a very nice change. "Remember what peace there may be in silence."

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