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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And another thing...

And speaking of my earlier speaking of...

This series of novels, "Quarter Share," and "Half Share" and "Quarter
Share," is a brilliant resource for understanding the necessary
constraints of any fully-recycled environment, but of course a
specifically space-faring, self-supporting environment. If you want to
understand the fundamentals of a self-supporting environment, as well as a
shipboard environment, this is a purely wonderful source.

Granted, it's a bit saintly in perspective, but it's what used to be
coolest about the Golden Age. So, it is good science fiction, but it's
also a brilliant source for real-world life. It is, bottom line, how do
you survive in an unfamiliar environment? How do you learn how to cope
with a new environment?

So I still think this is a wonderful book. I'm now up to chapter 6. I
have listened to a lot of audio versions of a lot of books, for the past
several years. But still, I this book, narrated by the author, is
brilliantly done by every measure I can come up with. It is a good book,
it is good based on the standards of the Golden Age -- the best era for
storytelling in SF, and why I keep looking for Golden Age stories I
haven't read or heard yet, and why it's called the Golden Age, a damn
demanding standard -- and it's brilliantly read, oddly enough, a writer
who can read well, too? He must be killed before he makes the rest of us
look bad! He said, with a scary tone in his voice...

This guy is really scarey good.

Yeah, I'm a geek, yeah, I'm absorbed with this whole audiobook thing -- I
need to have two or three things going just to be able to be focused on
any of them --- but I'm getting just a profound kick out of this book,
because it's about someone LIKE ME -- someone who can't be fascinated by
any topic unless I know how it's part of everything else. And this is a
story about trying to understand everything at once. Which is something I
can't help but do.

So, yeah, I'm well-suited for that time, someday, when it's possible to
make a use of all my skills in an environment that asks for them.

And the bad news is, I'm a telemarketer, and none of my best skills will
ever be used by my current employers. I am likely to remain in a place
where no one will ever actually make use of the areas of expertise I have.

Because I'm a telemarketer, and that's all anyone will expect me to be
capaable of.

So, what's a guy gotta do to get a cup of coffee around this joint?

Oh, what's you're missing, and why haven't you already subscribed to
"Quarter Share" on

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