Let the kids deal with it later

Okay, so, Japan's nuclear reactor situation is perfectly fine.  I believe personally, after one of the 10 worst earthquakes in recorded history, and a tsunami that has killed tens of thousands of people, the safety systems have worked exactly the way one would hope they would act, and the reactors are actually quite safe.  For now.

Of course, even without the earthquake and the tsunami, the reactors are still producing waste that will be toxic for thousands of years.  And it's in containers designed to hold it for maybe 100 years, at best.  And that's true of every reactor I know of on the entire earth, even the best of them.

So, yeah, we're perfectly safe from Japan's reactors at the moment, and all the other reactors, at the moment.  But our children or grandchildren or -their- children or grandchildren will be faced with dealing with all these 100-year concrete barrels we built to hold our indestructable highly-toxic nuclear waste.

And we have a Governor in Wisconsin who's willing to set back Democracy by a couple centuries because of some (arguably) bad negotiating by his predecessors a couple decades back.


If we're destroying the economy and safety of our children, grandchildren, greats and great-greats, do we still get to call it all "safe?"


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