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Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you staying?

I've noticed that several blogs haven't gotten in touch with me regarding keeping their blogs on the NaBloPoMo Collective feed, and they either have Expired or will soon.  Here's a copy of the list:

Showname feedURL Website Update Expires
360 Degree Nepal 02/18/09 04/04/09
A Year of Pix 01/30/09 03/16/09
Carma Sez 01/30/09 03/16/09
Changeling Turkey 03/21/09 05/05/09
Here's What I Don't Get 03/23/09 05/07/09
Janana Bee 02/05/09 03/22/09
Left Coast Cowboys 01/30/09 03/16/09
Lucy's Life 03/03/09 04/17/09
Make a Note 02/03/09 03/20/09
Marta's 03/15/09 04/29/09
Notes from Hades 02/03/09 03/20/09
Personal Pen 03/05/09 04/19/09
Talkin' with Teenie 01/30/09 03/16/09
The Obnoxious SAHM 02/28/09 04/14/09
this ain't livin' 02/28/09 04/14/09

If your blog has expired and you wanted to stay on the Feed, let me know in the Collective Feed group, and I'll update things for you.


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