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Sunday, May 28, 2017

New "Event Kicker"

After Saturday May 27, 2017, the store bought, weekly-paying, 7Seas Prize board is gone from Pie Island Fishing. Too many complaints.

I scripted something I'm calling Event Kicker that'll automatically run periodic contests and optionally pay prize money, but in a way I'm more comfortable with.  I can add the features I think are important, rather than buy a package and wish they had the features I wanted.

You may even like it. 

It's in try-with-extreme-caution Alpha now, don't know if it'd ever reach Beta.  There are better ones,
but with this I can choose and write my own Cool New Features.
By default (so far) out of X payout, it pays 50 percent to 1st, 30 to 2nd and 20 to 3rd. 

The pot does it's own thing.

Thursday - 7 pm - L$250
Friday - 7 pm - L$250
Saturday - 7 pm - L$1000
Sunday - 7 pm - L$1000
Monday - 7 pm - L$250
Tuesday - 7 pm - L$250
Wednesday - 7 pm - L$250

By the way, the tourboats and the tour balloons have fishing servers in them, so you could fish and
tour if'n ya wanted.  But you'd end up out of range of the Contest.

I appreciate your patience.  Thanks for all your visits to Pie Island Fishing.  See you around.

Happy Fishing!

Grizzly Silversmith

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Episode 20170520 - Federalist #1 test video

Tried a Youtube livestream recording for Federalist #1 as I mentioned a while back.  Probably need to redo it.  Wanted to see how the video file would be handled by Libsyn, though.  (Bad video, since my room's a mess!)


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Clock is ticking

Still haven't recorded a new podcast.  Not sure why.  Number of possible reasons.

Day job leaves me exhausted. As in, I finish a day of work, maybe eat a sandwich, and go lie down and sleep.  Otherwise, I accomplish nothing whatsoever.

Did a bit of fiddling with some new Android recording software, called Parrot Voice Recorder.  Has all kinda lovely features.  Paid for the Pro version, assuming I'd be using it on my Fire to record from my Bluetooth headset.  Turns out, can't record from a Bluetooth mike on the Fire.  Records from the internal mike.  Works fine on the phone, but of course it sounds like I'm recording from a Bluetooth headset.

I think it doesn't work on the Fire because the app expects to capture the audio from the phone Bluetooth in.  The Fire isn't a phone, so it just doesn't have that Bluetooth in channel.  Decent sounding audio on the headset, I guess.  I use that headset for the Dayjob, so it's just as well.

Perhaps one reason I don't feel motivated about podcasting anymore is that I didn't start with Something To Say.  I started wanting to play with the tech, and struggled to find things to say so I had something to record on the podcasts.  It was fun trying new stuff.

But now that new stuff is old stuff, and what is new, mostly live streaming and video, has interesting hardware, but isn't something I much care to do.  I'm not a video guy.  I may or may not have a "face for radio."  I'm comfortable with the good quality of my voice, but I don't feel I have a particularly impressive on-camera presence.  So I have three webcams, sometimes all connected at once.  But I don't care to use them.

I have found some okay content I could record.  But nothing at the moment that is both freely available to record and sufficiently interesting to me.  I could produce a pretty good podcast for, say, the Duluth Art Institute, or the Library, but I've asked, they're not interested.  Even have a rather cool idea for a Duluth Playhouse podcast, but I wouldn't even know who to ask about that.

I podcast for 10 years.  That just might be enough..

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Episode 20170220 - On Liberty by John Stuart Mill Chapter 5

Chapter 5, The final (hour-long) Chapter.  Mill provides some sample applications for the principles from previous chapters.  And points out that though society could restrict liberty when others experience loss, that doesn't mean they always should.  Some losses aren't as important as preserving Liberty.

Hope you enjoyed the book. 


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